Soulful Moments Media, a division of Oasis Promotions, LLC, is dedicated to using various media platforms to elevate our awareness on social issues that impact women and girls. We will utilize and amplify our voices through media and the arts to ignite soulful conversations that will awaken our souls to actions, solutions and real change.

Created by CEO/Media Personality and Innovator, Angela Carr Patterson, Soulful Moments Media’s goal is to Empower, Enrich and Entertain by bringing you relevant and rich programing for the reshaping and transformation of the world. We speak as one, but in many ways. It’s the Power of a Collective Voice.

Our Upcoming Projects

The Single and Seasoned Dating Game Show is an online game show, based on the hit 70’s television game show, The Dating Game. The Single and Seasoned Dating Game Show will feature single men and women answering questions and engaging conversations about relationships and dating. One bachelor and one bachelorette will have a chance to select from a group of eligible singles to go on a virtual date that we set up for them.  We are seeking male and females, single, divorced or widowed, age 40 and over, who would like to take part in this fun and engaging upcoming online show: Casting: Submit your story here. You must be single. No married or separated individuals permitted. 

The Ties That Bind Game Show is an online game show based on the 70’s hit show, The Newly Wed Game. The show will feature married couples who will engage in some interesting conversations by answering a series of questions to reveal just how much they really know about each other and what it takes to make their relationship work. This show is a reality show with an inspirational twist that will demonstrate the power of love, acceptance and forgiveness, which are essential to a great marriage. The winning couple will receive a virtual date set up by us that’s sure to make them happy. Casting: If you are a married couple and would like to participate in this fun and exciting show, please share your story with us here…

Father Loves Best is an online TV show that depicts the breakdown of father-daughter relationships that have been flawed, disrupted or non-existent. Viewers will watch as fathers try to reconcile, repair and renew their broken relationships with their estranged daughters. Join us as we look inside these complicated relationships to and see if healing and forgiveness are possible. And what happens when a father and daughter comes together to heal and restore their broken relationship and what happens when they can’t. Casting: If you are interested in being considered for our first season series and desire more information, please click here to submit your initial story and receive for your initial interview.

Backstage Behind the Brand is a new online series where we will feature some of the most powerful change makers, influencers, spiritual thought leaders and business gurus, as they share their stories of pain, drive, determination, triumph and the courage to succeed against the odds. Casting: If you would like to have you and your brand featured in our first season series, click here to request the information packet and requirements.

Organic Sisters TV Show is an internal journey into female friendships. This online tv series will examine the dynamics of friendship among women who have been friends for 20 years and more. The show will take an inside look into the sometimes complicated world of emotions, closeness, relatedness as well as broken trust and betrayals found in female friendships. If you and your sister-friend or ex-sister friend would like to take part in this tv series…. Please submit your story here. 

Some of Our Recent Projects

The Making of a Fatherless Daughter Documentary Film

The Making of a Fatherless Daughter is a simple film filled with a powerful and rich message. The film was created with two intentions and that is to elevate the awareness of the negative impact that fatherlessness has on a female’s life and to demonstrate the truth that fatherless daughters are not born fatherless, but they are made fatherless through no fault of their own.

This film brings an emotional power and immediacy to an issue in a way that the written word cannot. It captures the pure essence of each woman’s story by creatively engaging their pain without exploiting their suffering. These heart stirring stories will help viewers to understand the power of awareness and forgiveness to transform and heal a broken heart. Audiences will leave knowing they too can overcome the painful ache and insurmountable odds of fatherlessness.

Hush No More Documentary Film

Hush No More Documentary film is the brain child of Dr. Vanessa Guyton, Executive Director of Hush No More Organization. This film project was casted, directed and executive produced by Angela Carr Patterson/Soulful Moments Media. Hush No More feature survivors of sexual assault, sex trafficking, sexual harassment and domestic violence.  Audiences will hear stories of survivors who have braved some insurmountable pains/experiences, yet the found the courage to heal, forgive and not only survive, but thrive. A must see by everyone.

Meet Angela Carr Patterson, CEO, Innovator, Producer and Filmmaker:  She’s been called one of the most powerful Voices for Change in the 21st Century.

Angela Carr Patterson has over thirty seven years of experience as an entertainment executive, a successful entrepreneur, and Global Life/Success Strategist. In her current role, Angela is the CEO/President of Oasis Promotions, LLC, A Personal and Professional Development Company dedicated to helping female leaders and entrepreneurs awaken, answer and advance their next level calling for the purpose of transforming and reshaping the world. A popular and much sought after speaker, this modern day spiritual thought leader has graced numerous national and international stages/platforms as a keynote speaker, transformation teacher and workshop facilitator. Angela is a trusted authority  on Fatherless Daughters and she speaks on issues to help women overcome their struggles in their relationship with love and money which can stem deeply from a flawed father-daughter relationship.

Dynamic in her approach, an embodiment of love, grace, compassion and empowered with the wisdom of the times, Angela stands and serves as a constant source of inspiration, hope and transformation to those who are seeking answers and solutions to life’s most challenging questions. She has the rarest of gifts, the ability to explain complex truths using easily understandable and meaningful illustrations. And she uses this ability in her body of work as a filmmaker, storyteller, author and other media work.

Angela is the author of nine books, all written in her heart warming signature style. She’s also a film producer, Founder of the Fatherless Daughters Network and The Awakened Beauty Movement, the creator of The Journey to Being Process™ and The Divine Ache™ Life Cycles. 

Angela continues to allow her entrepreneurial calling to be the guiding force behind her mission to ignite soulful conversations, spark awareness, awaken souls and drive real change in the world. Learn more about how you can work with Angela at